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My three objectives this week were to:

  • To learn about four social news sites, start an account with them and link to my most popular website article.
  • To rename my “Baby Shower Ideas” Pinterest board to “Baby Shower & Gift Ideas” and to post five pins linking to products on my website and five pins to baby shower games on other sites.
  • To find and answer a question on a Q&A site that relates to my website and then turn my answer into a blog post on my site.

Social News Sites

Chemicals in Disposable DiapersMy objective was to learn about Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Newsvine and then create a link on each site to an article on my website. The article that I wanted to create links to is “The Harmful Chemicals in Disposable Diapers”. I didn’t put my link on Newsvine. I read the “Code of Honor” rules and found out that linking to my site would violate the second of their five rules. I created a link on Digg although I can’t seem to find it. I also posted a link on Stumbleupon. I already had an account on Stumbleupon. I had a little problem on Reddit. I guess that I didn’t educate myself enough. The first time that I posted I immediately got “scolded” by the site for not posting correctly. There are code-like letters for each category that need to be typed in before the title. I deleted it and tried to repost it numerous times. The site kept telling me that I already posted the link and then scolded me for posting too many times. I tried posting the link again the next day and it worked.

Pinterest Board

Pinterest Baby Shower BoardMy objective was to rename my “Baby Shower Ideas” board to “Baby Shower & Gift Ideas” so that it would be easier to find in search and to pin 5 product pins from my website and 5 game idea pins from other websites to this board. I accomplished this objective.

Q&A Site

Child Care spelled out with wooden blocksMy third objective was to learn more about various Q&A sites and find a question on one of them to answer and then turn that into a blog post on my site. I mulled through tons of questions on and didn’t come across a question that would benefit my site. I looked at and there were only 15 questions that I found in the Parenting & Family category. None of these would benefit my site. I went to the community on and found a question. I didn’t answer it on the Babycenter site since it appeared that there wasn’t a way for me to create a profile with my website. It appeared to be a no-follow site. I did write a blog post with my answer to the question: Choosing A Child Care Location: Close to Work or Close to Home. I accomplished half of this objective.


SEO diceThis week my three objectives for my social media marketing class were to do search optimization research for 15 cloth diaper board titles and their descriptions for my Pinterest business account, to research and plan a “pinning” schedule and start using Pingraphy to schedule pins to my Pinterest business account, and to research and plan a “tweeting” schedule and start using Hootsuite to schedule tweets to my Twitter business account.

Pinterest Search Optimization

I researched cloth diaper competitor’s board titles and board descriptions on Pinterest. I also used the keyword phrase “cloth diapers” to do keyword research using Google AdWords and Google site search on Pinterest ( cloth diapers).

I found a better title choice for one of my five existing cloth diaper boards as well as titles for the 10 new cloth diaper boards that I need to create. I will need to create content on my site before I can create three of these new boards. Some of the new boards that I will be creating right away include: Newborn Cloth Diapers, Organic Cloth Diapers, Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Natural Babies. The boards that I will need to create content for are: Washing Cloth Diapers, Wizard Cloth Diapers and Night-time Cloth Diapers. I also have a list of keywords that I will be incorporating into the descriptions of the 15 cloth diaper boards.

What I Learned

I learned that it can be difficult to have enough of your own content to create and fill similar boards with different keywords/titles. Since the goal of these boards is to get traffic to my site, I don’t want to be pinning other people’s content to them. I also learned that it can be very difficult to choose keywords (titles) when more than a Google search is affected. In this case, I’m concerned with competitors on Pinterest, Pinterest search, and Google search.

Pinterest Pinning Schedule & Pingraphy Scheduling

I researched the best times to pin on Pinterest. I have also added in my own “theory” that I will test. I am not only marketing to working moms and “moms-to-be”; but, I am also marketing to stay-at-home moms that currently have children in diapers and may have more. My theory is that the stay-at-home mom may be on Pinterest early in the morning as well as during nap time and the late evening.

I have created a schedule that has me pinning 20 times per day. This schedule is for 5 pins in the early am, five in the afternoon and ten in the evening. Fifteen of these are scheduled on Pingraphy. Pingraphy has been “cooperating” so far. I have had problems with Pingraphy in the past. At times Pingraphy wouldn’t load and at other times my scheduled pins weren’t pinned.

What I Learned

Scheduling pins allows you to pin at peak times without having to spend your entire day on Pinterest. I have hopefully also learned what times are best to pin (for repins and likes). I will be keeping tabs on this and constantly testing.

Twitter Tweet Schedule & Hootsuite Scheduling

I researched the best times to tweet and I have created a schedule of 7 tweets between the hours of noon and 3:00. I am using Hootsuite to schedule 5 of these tweets. Hootsuite works really well.

What I Learned

I hopefully learned what the best times to tweet are and that scheduling tweets frees up a lot of time.

LinkedIn All Star Image
This week my two objectives were to sync my two Pinterest accounts and to update and complete my LinkedIn profile in order to achieve LinkedIn’s “All Star” status.

My Pinterest “Mess”

I have two Pinterest accounts. One is my personal account and one is my business account. I had many boards with the same titles on each account with the goal of having the same content (pins) on each board. For example, I had a “Pasta” board on each account with pasta recipes. It was very time consuming to pin these pins to the other account board. It was difficult to remember which boards needed pins pinned to them and even more difficult to remember which pins had already been pinned. The way I was handling having duplicate boards was a total failure and a disorganized mess.

My Pinterest Objective

Part of my objective was to combine the contents of twenty-seven duplicate boards, one-by-one, and then to delete one of the boards (on one of the accounts) and “invite” the other account to join the newly created “group board”. The second part of my objective was to create an additional 26 group (shared) boards. I accomplished both parts of this objective, which took several days. Pinning these pins to the other account’s board was very time consuming; but, it will save me a lot of time in the future. Now if I pin a pasta recipe to the Pasta board it automatically gets pinned to the Pasta board on both accounts. This saves me a lot of time since I am very active on Pinterest.

What I Learned From My Pinterest Objective

I learned that you should educate yourself and create a plan before diving into an unknown territory.
I think that one of my favorite quotes pretty much sums up part of what I learned: “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”
When I first opened my Pinterest accounts in December of 2012, I didn’t know what group boards were. Even after I had learned about them, it hadn’t occurred to me that I could use them between my two accounts. If I would have educated myself on all the features of Pinterest and planned for having duplicate boards, from the beginning, I wouldn’t have created such a disorganized, time-consuming mess.

My LinkedIn Objective

My second objective was to update my LinkedIn profile and to complete it to the point of achieving “All Star” status. I updated my summary, title, industry and skills. My summary stills demands additional revision; but, this is a work in progress. I added a language and courses. That didn’t change my “completion” status. I was stumped. The only areas left to complete didn’t apply to me. I emailed my professor. He sent me a link to an article that clarified exactly what I needed to do. I had 47 connections. To achieve “All Star” status you are required to have 50. I quickly went to work inviting people to connect with me. I only had about 29 hours left to accomplish this. At the time of this writing, I have 53 connections and have achieved “All Star” status.

What I Learned From My LinkedIn Objective

I learned that the answer isn’t always obvious. I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t be able to achieve a complete profile. Completing those areas that applied to me hadn’t changed my status. I didn’t realize that fifty connections were required to achieve a complete profile status.

I also learned that it is important to ask for help when you are stuck. I have read many, many articles about LinkedIn, including articles about completing your profile. Not one of those articles mentioned having to have fifty connections; that is, until I read the article that my professor emailed to me.

Social Media Marketing Can Be Quite Frustrating

Klout and Pinterest LogosThis week my assignment in my social media class was to come up with two social media objectives. The two objectives I decided on were:

  • To get 3 comments on my Pinterest pins
  • To increase my Klout score from 42 to 45

Objective #1: Getting 3 Comments on Pinterest

While using Pingraphy to analyze my Pinterest account, I found something very shocking. I had 3,984 pins, 435 repins, 97 likes and ZERO comments. I realize that Pinterest is not like Facebook or Twitter and that comments on Pinterest aren’t the “norm”; but still, I found zero quite shocking.

My Strategies and Accomplishments Were:

      • To post 50 pins to my most popular boards. I posted 65 pins.
      • To comment 20 times on other people’s pins. I believe that I did more than 20. I failed at keeping an accurate count.
      • To ask a question in the description on 10 of my pin’s, with the goal of getting a comment. I did this at least 3 times; but, I failed to keep an accurate record. It felt very awkward and it seemed inappropriate for many types of pins.

The Results One Week Later

Total Pins on My Account

      • One week ago: 3984
      • Today: 4049
      • Increase: 65 pins

Total Repins on My Account

      • One week ago: 435
      • Today: 426
      • DECREASE: 9

People don’t “unpin” pins. This tells me that Pingraphy is NOT ACCURATE! I will investigate this further.

Total Likes on My Account

      • One week ago: 97
      • Today: 95
      • DECREASE: 2

Once again this tells me that Pingraphy’s analytics aren’t accurate. People wouldn’t scroll down in their “Likes” list and “unlike” a pin.

Total Comments on My Account

      • One week ago: 0
      • Today: 0
      • NO CHANGE!

What I Have Learned

    • To be able to pin enough pins during the “peak times” without overwhelming my follower’s feeds I will have to use a tool to schedule my pins.
    • If I really want accurate and detailed analytics, I will either have to pay for it or I will have to start keeping detailed records of my pins.
    • I need to research why some pins (not mine) are getting comments. What categories/topics are getting comments and what days and times are the pins with comments getting posted? Are comments (engagement) necessary for marketing success on Pinterest?

Objective #2: Raising My Klout Score from 42 to 45

My Strategies and Accomplishments Were:

      • To become active on Facebook since it is connected to my Klout account. Klout updates every day and isn’t including what I have done on Facebook. Today my Klout stats have acknowledged that I have made 2 “wall posts” on Facebook and I have made 21. Klout hasn’t acknowledged any of my many comments and has only acknowledged one of my “likes”. I will have to investigate.
      • To connect my and Tumblr accounts to my Klout account. These accounts aren’t shown in the stats so I don’t know if they are truly making a difference in my score.

The Results One Week Later

One week ago Twitter was influencing 88% of my score and today it is influencing 78% of my score. I don’t know what has caused the change since my stats for Facebook aren’t “updating” and stats for Tumblr and WordPress aren’t shown. There has been NO CHANGE in my Klout score! My score one week ago was 42. My score today is 42.

What I Learned

      • That it’s frustrating when a business can influence your reputation with inaccurate results.
      • That social media efforts don’t produce results overnight.
      • That I still have a lot to learn!

YOUR feedback would be very helpful and appreciated! The “Leave a Comment” link is at the top right corner of this post.

6 FREE & Awesome Pinterest Image Pinning Tools:

Pinterest Logo Image

Have you ever wanted to pin a great article to Pinterest but you couldn’t because there wasn’t a picture to pin? Have you ever wanted to pin a quote, but you needed an image?

Here are six great tools that you can use to pin snippits, screenshots of an entire web page, quotes, sticky notes and more. These sites all function as great image creation or image editing tools even if your not using the image for Pinterest!

ShotPin is a Chrome browser extension to make it easy to take a screenshot/snippit of any web page then share it on Pinterest. Visit the Chrome Web Store and type “Shot Pin” (with a space) into the search bar. When the results come up click on the “extensions” tab.
Pinstamatic allows you to pin a screenshot of a website, a quote, a sticky note, a Spotify Track, a Twitter profile (and last tweet), a date, a place or one of your own photos. IMPORTANT: After you press the “Pin” button delete Pinstamatic’s description and add your own. Then after you press “pin” the second time, click “See your pin”, then click “edit”, then paste the link of the site that you want the image to link to, into the link box (otherwise it will link to Pinstamatic).
Quozio gives you a choice of 28 different backgrounds to place your quote (or any text) onto. Quozio offers images or solid color backgrounds.
Pinwords allows you to add text onto one of your own photos (multiple style/template choices) or you can choose one of their backgrounds.
Url2pin is a free tool to help you share your websites on Pinterest. With url2pin you can share a screenshot of any website (not just a single image on the site). Just type in any url and you get a snapshot of that web page. You then have a choice of what like to do with it. Some of the choices are: you can “pin it”, “tweet it” or “G+” it.
Share As Image
Share As Image lets you highlight text anywhere on the web and easily convert it into an image. Choose from different background images or colors.

Do you know about any other image tools? Click on the “Leave A Reply” link! I love to learn about other tools!