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SEO diceThis week my three objectives for my social media marketing class were to do search optimization research for 15 cloth diaper board titles and their descriptions for my Pinterest business account, to research and plan a “pinning” schedule and start using Pingraphy to schedule pins to my Pinterest business account, and to research and plan a “tweeting” schedule and start using Hootsuite to schedule tweets to my Twitter business account.

Pinterest Search Optimization

I researched cloth diaper competitor’s board titles and board descriptions on Pinterest. I also used the keyword phrase “cloth diapers” to do keyword research using Google AdWords and Google site search on Pinterest ( cloth diapers).

I found a better title choice for one of my five existing cloth diaper boards as well as titles for the 10 new cloth diaper boards that I need to create. I will need to create content on my site before I can create three of these new boards. Some of the new boards that I will be creating right away include: Newborn Cloth Diapers, Organic Cloth Diapers, Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Natural Babies. The boards that I will need to create content for are: Washing Cloth Diapers, Wizard Cloth Diapers and Night-time Cloth Diapers. I also have a list of keywords that I will be incorporating into the descriptions of the 15 cloth diaper boards.

What I Learned

I learned that it can be difficult to have enough of your own content to create and fill similar boards with different keywords/titles. Since the goal of these boards is to get traffic to my site, I don’t want to be pinning other people’s content to them. I also learned that it can be very difficult to choose keywords (titles) when more than a Google search is affected. In this case, I’m concerned with competitors on Pinterest, Pinterest search, and Google search.

Pinterest Pinning Schedule & Pingraphy Scheduling

I researched the best times to pin on Pinterest. I have also added in my own “theory” that I will test. I am not only marketing to working moms and “moms-to-be”; but, I am also marketing to stay-at-home moms that currently have children in diapers and may have more. My theory is that the stay-at-home mom may be on Pinterest early in the morning as well as during nap time and the late evening.

I have created a schedule that has me pinning 20 times per day. This schedule is for 5 pins in the early am, five in the afternoon and ten in the evening. Fifteen of these are scheduled on Pingraphy. Pingraphy has been “cooperating” so far. I have had problems with Pingraphy in the past. At times Pingraphy wouldn’t load and at other times my scheduled pins weren’t pinned.

What I Learned

Scheduling pins allows you to pin at peak times without having to spend your entire day on Pinterest. I have hopefully also learned what times are best to pin (for repins and likes). I will be keeping tabs on this and constantly testing.

Twitter Tweet Schedule & Hootsuite Scheduling

I researched the best times to tweet and I have created a schedule of 7 tweets between the hours of noon and 3:00. I am using Hootsuite to schedule 5 of these tweets. Hootsuite works really well.

What I Learned

I hopefully learned what the best times to tweet are and that scheduling tweets frees up a lot of time.