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I spend a lot of my time each day on my laptop and smartphone; therefore it makes sense, to me, that I organize my appointments and action lists using these two devices. I use Color Note on my Android Smartphone, Sticky Notes on my laptop and Google Calendar on both.

Example of Sticky Notes stacked on top of each other

Sticky Notes is available in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Windows 7.

You can use Sticky Notes to write to-do lists, create shopping lists, make call lists, keep track of appointments and due dates, or anything else that you would usually use a sticky note or pad of paper for.

Sticky Notes are kept right on your desktop and can stack on top of each other to save space. If you don’t want them on your desktop, you have the option to close them and re-open them at any time. When you close Sticky Notes, all your data is saved.

To get started:

Click the Start button and type “Sticky Notes” in the search box to find and open the Sticky Notes.

To create additional Sticky Notes:

Click on the “New Note” button (+) in the top left corner of a Sticky Note to open a new note or press Ctrl+N.

To delete a Sticky Note: An example of Sticky Notes used for a "Calls Today" list and a "Due Tomorrow" list.

Click the “Delete” button (X) at the top right corner of the Sticky Note or press Ctrl+D.

To stack or move Sticky Notes:

Click and hold the top of a sticky note and drag it to where you want it.

To resize a Sticky Note:

Click and hold the side or bottom of a Sticky Note to resize it. A Sticky Note can have the width or the length adjusted (example above). If the length of text exceeds the height of your screen, a scroll bar will appear (example below).

To change the color of a Sticky Note:

Right-click on a Sticky Note and choose from six colors.

To format the text on a Sticky Note:

Select the text that you want to format and then use one of the keyboard shortcuts in the table below.

Format Keyboard Shortcut Comments
Increase Text Size Ctrl+Shift+> Repeat to continue increasing.
Decrease Text Size Ctrl+Shift+< Repeat to continue increasing.
Bulleted List Ctrl+Shift+L Repeat to switch to a
numbered (or another) list.
Bold Text Ctrl+B
Italic Text Ctrl+I
Underlined Text Ctrl+U
Strikethrough Text Ctrl+T

An example of Sticky Notes used for goal setting:

The text on the first Sticky Note exceeded the height of my laptop screen/monitor. This resulted in a scroll bar appearing.

Goal setting for a business can require a very lengthy plan. I like the visual benefit of Sticky Notes to see what I’m currently working on. For a complete, master plan I suggest using Microsoft OneNote to create your plan and keep it organized.

An example of Sticky Notes used for goal setting


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