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LinkedIn All Star Image
This week my two objectives were to sync my two Pinterest accounts and to update and complete my LinkedIn profile in order to achieve LinkedIn’s “All Star” status.

My Pinterest “Mess”

I have two Pinterest accounts. One is my personal account and one is my business account. I had many boards with the same titles on each account with the goal of having the same content (pins) on each board. For example, I had a “Pasta” board on each account with pasta recipes. It was very time consuming to pin these pins to the other account board. It was difficult to remember which boards needed pins pinned to them and even more difficult to remember which pins had already been pinned. The way I was handling having duplicate boards was a total failure and a disorganized mess.

My Pinterest Objective

Part of my objective was to combine the contents of twenty-seven duplicate boards, one-by-one, and then to delete one of the boards (on one of the accounts) and “invite” the other account to join the newly created “group board”. The second part of my objective was to create an additional 26 group (shared) boards. I accomplished both parts of this objective, which took several days. Pinning these pins to the other account’s board was very time consuming; but, it will save me a lot of time in the future. Now if I pin a pasta recipe to the Pasta board it automatically gets pinned to the Pasta board on both accounts. This saves me a lot of time since I am very active on Pinterest.

What I Learned From My Pinterest Objective

I learned that you should educate yourself and create a plan before diving into an unknown territory.
I think that one of my favorite quotes pretty much sums up part of what I learned: “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”
When I first opened my Pinterest accounts in December of 2012, I didn’t know what group boards were. Even after I had learned about them, it hadn’t occurred to me that I could use them between my two accounts. If I would have educated myself on all the features of Pinterest and planned for having duplicate boards, from the beginning, I wouldn’t have created such a disorganized, time-consuming mess.

My LinkedIn Objective

My second objective was to update my LinkedIn profile and to complete it to the point of achieving “All Star” status. I updated my summary, title, industry and skills. My summary stills demands additional revision; but, this is a work in progress. I added a language and courses. That didn’t change my “completion” status. I was stumped. The only areas left to complete didn’t apply to me. I emailed my professor. He sent me a link to an article that clarified exactly what I needed to do. I had 47 connections. To achieve “All Star” status you are required to have 50. I quickly went to work inviting people to connect with me. I only had about 29 hours left to accomplish this. At the time of this writing, I have 53 connections and have achieved “All Star” status.

What I Learned From My LinkedIn Objective

I learned that the answer isn’t always obvious. I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t be able to achieve a complete profile. Completing those areas that applied to me hadn’t changed my status. I didn’t realize that fifty connections were required to achieve a complete profile status.

I also learned that it is important to ask for help when you are stuck. I have read many, many articles about LinkedIn, including articles about completing your profile. Not one of those articles mentioned having to have fifty connections; that is, until I read the article that my professor emailed to me.