Lisa Boerum – Executive Administrative Assistant – Real Estate

Executive Assistant to a
Keller Williams Real Estate Agent

I work IN your business…
so you have time to work ON your business!

I take over the 80%
so you have time to work on your 20%
to GROW your business!


Primary Objective

  • Ensure that all agent activities are limited to lead generation; lead nurturing and conversion; listing presentations; showing property; and negotiating contracts.


The Four Key Roles of My Current
Executive Assistant Position in Real Estate

1. Listing Manager (Listing to Contract)

  • Oversee all aspects of seller’s listings from initial contact to executed purchase agreement.
  • Prepare all print marketing materials, such as pre-listing presentations, client service questionnaires, property questionnaires, property information binders for showings, and property flyers.
  • Research online property profile and previous multiple listing service (MLS) listings.
  • Prepare listing contracts, forms, disclosures, and net sheets and obtain other necessary documents and signatures.
  • Set up paper, digital, and email files for each property/client.
  • Create a virtual tour, a custom website, a custom mobile website, landing pages, web pages, a YouTube video, a property text code, a QR code, and ads for each listing.
  • Conduct reverse prospecting in an effort to connect with buyer’s agents and locate potential buyers with an MLS search that fits the criteria for each listing.
  • Communicate with sellers regularly about the status of their listing, the selling process, the next step(s) in the process, any items/services/signatures needed and recent marketing activities. Provide the sellers with links to their property’s online marketing.
  • Provide weekly email updates to sellers regarding the online and offline marketing and activity for their home, including property views on the leading real estate websites; number of showings; showing and open house feedback; homes in their neighborhood that are for sale, are pending, or have sold; MLS stats such as the number of client portals, views, favorites, and possibilities; current local market updates for their city; and charts and graphs presenting this information.
  • Consult with vendors and service providers, such as photographers, stagers, sign services, and home warranty services. Coordinate these services, as well as signage, lockbox, and access requirements with the sellers.
  • Input and update all listing information on the MLS, showing management system, websites, blogs, and social media platforms.
  • Input all public and broker open houses on the MLS, real estate sites, business websites, blogs, and social media platforms.
  • Coordinate all marketing activities, public open houses and broker open houses with the sellers.
  • Submit all necessary documentation to office broker for file compliance.
  • Input all necessary information into client database and transaction management systems.


2. Transaction Coordinator (Contract to Closing)

  • Oversee all aspects of buyer & seller transactions from executed purchase agreement to closing.
  • Prepare and process offers/purchase agreements; buyer representation contracts and paperwork; disclosures: and other necessary forms. Obtain other necessary documents and all signatures.
  • Consult with and coordinate vendor services, such as title companies/closers, lenders, inspectors, home warranty services, repair services, cleaning services, and appraisers, to ensure that all services are performed in a timely manner and the transaction closes on schedule.
  • Set up paper, digital, and email contract to closing files.
  • Act as an intermediary between the buyers and the listing agent and between the sellers and the buyer’s agent, ensuring that all required forms and documents are signed and received from the other party in a timely manner and that all repairs have been completed and receipts received.
  • Acquire specialized documents from the city, county, and/or state, when applicable and necessary for closing.
  • Communicate with buyers regularly about the status of their purchase, the buying process, the next step(s) in the process, items that they will want to take care of before they move, and any items/services/signatures needed.
  • Communicate with sellers regularly about the status of their offer, the selling process, the next step(s) in the process, items that they will want to take care of before they move, and any items/services/signatures needed.
  • Educate clients on the selling and/or buying process; the contracts, disclosures, and other forms; and real estate and lending terminology.
  • Provide clients with helpful resources such as moving checklists and city guides.
  • Provide clients with the phone numbers and websites for their city/cities to stop and/or start services, such as USPS, gas, electricity, water, sewer, trash, recycling, telephone, internet, cable, etc.
  • Create closing information summary & submit summary & all necessary documentation to office broker for file compliance.
  • Schedule & coordinate the final walk-through & the closing process.
  • Review the Settlement Statement, prior to closing, for any possible discrepancies.
  • Input all necessary information into the client database, the transaction management system, and the calendar during the transaction and post-closing.
  • Provide post-closing customer service follow-up calls. Offer support to clients and ask for referrals testimonials, and online reviews.


3. Marketing Director

  • Manage the agent’s entire online presence and brand.
  • Write content and create a variety of online and print marketing materials, such as websites, landing pages, buyer and seller consultation/presentation packages, property flyers, open house flyers, virtual tours, YouTube video tours, newsletters, ads for advertising campaigns, content for blogs, content for social media platforms, call-to-actions, and a large variety of other marketing materials, to market listings, generate seller and buyer leads, and create new business.
  • Create, manage & update the agent’s websites, blogs, landing pages, and online listings and profiles/a presence on leading real estate sites, social media pages/platforms, and a variety of business profile sites.
  • Utilize up-to-date search engine optimization strategies to increase traffic to websites.
  • Regularly assist the agent to manage & enhance the agent’s social media presence.
  • Plan and coordinate all client appreciation events.
  • Regularly obtain client testimonials for websites, social media & other marketing materials.
  • Regularly ask clients to submit online reviews on leading social media and real estate sites.
  • Regularly ask clients for referrals.
  • Coordinate & implement agent marketing videos & property videos on websites, blogs, social media platforms, and client database email campaigns.
  • Track & coordinate all inbound leads from websites, social media & other online and offline sources. Report on collected data.
  • Track and analyze the effectiveness/return on investment (ROI) of ongoing print and online marketing strategies and campaigns. Report on the collected data.
  • Manage contact/client database management program & system.


4. Administrative Manager

  • Oversee all aspects of the administration of the agent’s business.
  • Design, develop, implement and manage all systems for sellers; buyers; contact and client database management; advertising and marketing; lead generation, follow up, and conversion; lead tracking; and all office administration.
  • Create and update an operations manual documenting all systems and standards.
  • Ensure that all administrative and operational systems and processes are efficient and cost effective, making revisions as needed.
  • Maintain all financial systems including bookkeeping; ensure collection of commissions; prepare profit & loss statements; plan, prepare & maintain the budget; track costs and ROI; perform financial analysis; perform revenue and cash flow projections; manage bank accounts and credit card accounts; generate financial reports; and prepare for tax filings.
  • Initiated, created, implemented, and manage a client service program based on each client’s individual needs.
  • Develop and maintain client and vendor relationships and serve as the first point of contact in handling customer inquiries, concerns, and/or complaints.
  • Develop and maintain all filing systems including listings, contracts, legal, financial, business planning, marketing, email, vendors, purchasing, training and education, forms, and archives.
  • Collaborate with the agent on marketing and business decisions and the annual business and marketing plans. Decide on the main objective and goals and the strategies to implement to meet them. Create and implement monthly and weekly action plans using these strategies. Continually monitor, review, and measure the effectiveness of the plan and revise it as necessary.
  • Inform and update the lead agent regarding any problems or issues that need to be addressed.
  • Maintain the agent’s schedule/calendar.
  • Inventory signs, lockboxes, showing binders, and showing message frames and ensure return after closing.


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Executive Administrative Assistant
Real Estate – Marketing – Technology
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