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Lisa Boerum lives in White Bear Township, MN.

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A few of the websites below are newer and are a work in progress. I am continually adding content to these sites; so, check back often.

Lisa Boerum's Profile, Bio, and Resume - White Bear Lake, MN


Lisa Boerum’s Online Resume, Professional Profile & Blog – soon to be replaced by, Lisa’s NEW online resume and portfolio (listed below).


Lisa Boerum's NEW Online Resume, Professional Portfolio & Blog - White Bear Lake, MN


Lisa Boerum’s NEW Online Resume, Professional Portfolio & Blog – This site is a work in progress and will replace (above).


Fibromyalgia - The Cause, The Cure - Lisa Boerum's Story


Lisa Boerum’s Fibromyalgia/Vitamin D Deficiency Website & Blog – This fairly new website/blog is also a work in progress.


Lisa Boerums Health and Fitness Blog


Lisa’s Health & Fitness Blog ~ Our Journey to Fitness and Health – soon to be replaced by Lisa’s Health & Fitness Transformation, Lisa’s NEW health fitness blog listed below.


Lisa Boerums Health and Fitness Transformation Blog


Lisa’s NEW Health & Fitness Blog ~ Lisa’s Health & Fitness Transformation – This site is a work in progress and will replace Our Journey to Fitness & Health Lisa’s health and fitness blog listed above.



Awesome Beginnings 4 Children, one of Lisa’s prior businesses, was an online store and blog that offered products for expectant and breastfeeding mothers, infants, and young children. The product line included stylish, award-winning cloth diapers, carseats, infant equipment, feeding supplies, toys, and books. Blog articles covered topics such as: cloth diapering, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting, child care, potty learning, children’s health, children’s safety, and green living. Click on the icon to see a screenshot of the site when it was live/open.


Social Media Platforms

Connect with Lisa Boerum on LinkedIn


Connect with Lisa Boerum on LinkedIn



Pinterest – Lisa Boerum has over 300 Boards, over 11,000 pins, and over 5,000 followers..
Lisa’s boards are in alphabetical order. Marketing and professional boards are at the top and home and family are at the bottom. Boards include: blogging, branding, business management/planning/success, computer applications, customer service, eBay, Amazon, goals, Google, web design, HTML, CSS, Klout, leadership, link building, keyword research, motivational/success quotes, infographics, public speaking, SEO, smart phones, strategic planning, time management, marketing (affiliate, content, social media, online/ecommerce, niche, video, viral, YouTube, and MORE!), WordPress, writing, WAHM, recipes, holidays, college, FREE education, decor, DIY, health, fitness, weight loss, low-calorie recipes, camping, natural remedies, gardening, humor, cleaning, do unto others, household tips, menu planning, organization, frugal living, quotes and MANY MORE!


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Pinterest – Awesome Beginnings 4 Children has over 260 Boards and over 3,000 pins.
The boards are in alphabetical order. Boards include: cloth diapers, cloth diapering, theme-based curriculum ideas, early childhood education, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, humor, family photography ideas, preschool curriculum ideas, arts & crafts, block center, dramatic play, group/circle time, science, math, phonemic awareness, recipes, health, fitness, weight loss, gardening, decor, DIY and MORE!


Follow Lisa Boerum on YouTube


Follow Lisa on YouTube – You can also view a video of Awesome Beginnings Childcare, the child care that Lisa owned and operated for eighteen years.


Selling Venues

The product line for Awesome Beginnings 4 Children’s was available on, Amazon, and eBay. Clean Living Market offered items on multiple sites and selling venues including eBay, Amazon, and many other platforms. Lisa has closed all of her stores; however, one account associated with one of her eBay stores still exists. This account shows the exceptional customer service that Lisa provided her customers. Customer satisfaction is very important to Lisa. See below for more info.

Lisa Boerums eBay store - Your Closet 4 Less


Your Closet 4 Less – This was one of Lisa’s eBay stores. Both stores are currently closed; however, the account for this eBay store remains open. Lisa earned a 100% positive feedback rating, over 1700 testimonials from satisfied customers, and a 5/5-star seller rating. During the six years that Lisa operated her stores on eBay, she was a Power Seller and Top-Rated Plus Seller. VIEW her feedback/customer testimonials!



Lisa Boerum's Resume - Executive Administrative Assistant - Real Estate


Lisa Boerum’s Resume
Executive Administrative Assistant
Real Estate – Marketing – Technology
Office & Business Management
Web Design, Development, & Management