Q&A and Social News Sites for Link Building

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Social Media Marketing
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My three objectives this week were to:

  • To learn about four social news sites, start an account with them and link to my most popular website article.
  • To rename my “Baby Shower Ideas” Pinterest board to “Baby Shower & Gift Ideas” and to post five pins linking to products on my website and five pins to baby shower games on other sites.
  • To find and answer a question on a Q&A site that relates to my website and then turn my answer into a blog post on my site.

Social News Sites

Chemicals in Disposable DiapersMy objective was to learn about Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Newsvine and then create a link on each site to an article on my website. The article that I wanted to create links to is “The Harmful Chemicals in Disposable Diapers”. I didn’t put my link on Newsvine. I read the “Code of Honor” rules and found out that linking to my site would violate the second of their five rules. I created a link on Digg although I can’t seem to find it. I also posted a link on Stumbleupon. I already had an account on Stumbleupon. I had a little problem on Reddit. I guess that I didn’t educate myself enough. The first time that I posted I immediately got “scolded” by the site for not posting correctly. There are code-like letters for each category that need to be typed in before the title. I deleted it and tried to repost it numerous times. The site kept telling me that I already posted the link and then scolded me for posting too many times. I tried posting the link again the next day and it worked.

Pinterest Board

Pinterest Baby Shower BoardMy objective was to rename my “Baby Shower Ideas” board to “Baby Shower & Gift Ideas” so that it would be easier to find in search and to pin 5 product pins from my website and 5 game idea pins from other websites to this board. I accomplished this objective.

Q&A Site

Child Care spelled out with wooden blocksMy third objective was to learn more about various Q&A sites and find a question on one of them to answer and then turn that into a blog post on my site. I mulled through tons of questions on Answers.com and didn’t come across a question that would benefit my site. I looked at Ask.com and there were only 15 questions that I found in the Parenting & Family category. None of these would benefit my site. I went to the community on Babycenter.com and found a question. I didn’t answer it on the Babycenter site since it appeared that there wasn’t a way for me to create a profile with my website. It appeared to be a no-follow site. I did write a blog post with my answer to the question: Choosing A Child Care Location: Close to Work or Close to Home. I accomplished half of this objective.

  1. Wonderful blog Lisa. I love your use of pictures and the care you seem to give to each blog post.

    Isn’t Reddit a pain? once upon a time I dabbled with all those news sites and always felt as if I could never invest into them the amount of time necessary to be successful. Perhaps they truly are for “news junkies”?

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