The Frustrations of Social Media Marketing

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Social Media Marketing, Social Networking
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Social Media Marketing Can Be Quite Frustrating

Klout and Pinterest LogosThis week my assignment in my social media class was to come up with two social media objectives. The two objectives I decided on were:

  • To get 3 comments on my Pinterest pins
  • To increase my Klout score from 42 to 45

Objective #1: Getting 3 Comments on Pinterest

While using Pingraphy to analyze my Pinterest account, I found something very shocking. I had 3,984 pins, 435 repins, 97 likes and ZERO comments. I realize that Pinterest is not like Facebook or Twitter and that comments on Pinterest aren’t the “norm”; but still, I found zero quite shocking.

My Strategies and Accomplishments Were:

      • To post 50 pins to my most popular boards. I posted 65 pins.
      • To comment 20 times on other people’s pins. I believe that I did more than 20. I failed at keeping an accurate count.
      • To ask a question in the description on 10 of my pin’s, with the goal of getting a comment. I did this at least 3 times; but, I failed to keep an accurate record. It felt very awkward and it seemed inappropriate for many types of pins.

The Results One Week Later

Total Pins on My Account

      • One week ago: 3984
      • Today: 4049
      • Increase: 65 pins

Total Repins on My Account

      • One week ago: 435
      • Today: 426
      • DECREASE: 9

People don’t “unpin” pins. This tells me that Pingraphy is NOT ACCURATE! I will investigate this further.

Total Likes on My Account

      • One week ago: 97
      • Today: 95
      • DECREASE: 2

Once again this tells me that Pingraphy’s analytics aren’t accurate. People wouldn’t scroll down in their “Likes” list and “unlike” a pin.

Total Comments on My Account

      • One week ago: 0
      • Today: 0
      • NO CHANGE!

What I Have Learned

    • To be able to pin enough pins during the “peak times” without overwhelming my follower’s feeds I will have to use a tool to schedule my pins.
    • If I really want accurate and detailed analytics, I will either have to pay for it or I will have to start keeping detailed records of my pins.
    • I need to research why some pins (not mine) are getting comments. What categories/topics are getting comments and what days and times are the pins with comments getting posted? Are comments (engagement) necessary for marketing success on Pinterest?

Objective #2: Raising My Klout Score from 42 to 45

My Strategies and Accomplishments Were:

      • To become active on Facebook since it is connected to my Klout account. Klout updates every day and isn’t including what I have done on Facebook. Today my Klout stats have acknowledged that I have made 2 “wall posts” on Facebook and I have made 21. Klout hasn’t acknowledged any of my many comments and has only acknowledged one of my “likes”. I will have to investigate.
      • To connect my and Tumblr accounts to my Klout account. These accounts aren’t shown in the stats so I don’t know if they are truly making a difference in my score.

The Results One Week Later

One week ago Twitter was influencing 88% of my score and today it is influencing 78% of my score. I don’t know what has caused the change since my stats for Facebook aren’t “updating” and stats for Tumblr and WordPress aren’t shown. There has been NO CHANGE in my Klout score! My score one week ago was 42. My score today is 42.

What I Learned

      • That it’s frustrating when a business can influence your reputation with inaccurate results.
      • That social media efforts don’t produce results overnight.
      • That I still have a lot to learn!

YOUR feedback would be very helpful and appreciated! The “Leave a Comment” link is at the top right corner of this post.

  1. mkhmarketing says:

    Hi Lisa, I read your blog post with great interest. I am also a student in an emerging media class and using Pinterest in an attempt to drive traffic to my WordPress blog. The WordPress analytics with regard to Pinterest don’t appear to be accurate. I am seeing good blog traffic referred through from my Flickr account but little from Pinterest. After testing my Pinterest links from a friends computer, I saw no link referral in my stats from Pinterest, so I have to conclude the reporting is off. Reading your blog made me feel better! Here are my links if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to for my class:

    • LisaBoerum says:


      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is a disappointment to rely on analytics tools, only to find out later that they aren’t always completely accurate.

      I will check out your links. Good luck with your class!


  2. LisaBoerum says:

    Today, on, I saw this interesting stat about how users spend their time on Pinterest:

    83.4% of a user’s time is spent pinning
    16% of a user’s time is spent liking
    .6% of a user’s time is spent commenting

    I feel better already! 🙂

  3. Before you posted the stats in your comment Lisa, I thought to myself “are people really supposed to comment on Pinterest”?

    It reminds me a bit of the direct message option on Twitter – the functionality is there, but Twitter doesn’t want you to DM people, Twitter wants you to say things publicly. By the same token, Pinterest wants people to speak and share through pictures, not words.

    I have a hunch your decreasing totals for repins and likes are due to bot cleaning on the Pinterest server. Both Facebook and Twitter must deal with this as well. Anyone can set up a bot program, tap into the network, and have their bot go on a “liking” and “repinning” spree. Once the bot is identified by the service, it is deleted along with all its pins and likes.

    This could be a fascinating objective for your next blog reflection. I’d love to read what you unearth. 🙂

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