6 FREE & Awesome Pinterest Image Pinning Tools:

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Have you ever wanted to pin a great article to Pinterest but you couldn’t because there wasn’t a picture to pin? Have you ever wanted to pin a quote, but you needed an image?

Here are six great tools that you can use to pin snippits, screenshots of an entire web page, quotes, sticky notes and more. These sites all function as great image creation or image editing tools even if your not using the image for Pinterest!

ShotPin is a Chrome browser extension to make it easy to take a screenshot/snippit of any web page then share it on Pinterest. Visit the Chrome Web Store and type “Shot Pin” (with a space) into the search bar. When the results come up click on the “extensions” tab.
Pinstamatic allows you to pin a screenshot of a website, a quote, a sticky note, a Spotify Track, a Twitter profile (and last tweet), a date, a place or one of your own photos. IMPORTANT: After you press the “Pin” button delete Pinstamatic’s description and add your own. Then after you press “pin” the second time, click “See your pin”, then click “edit”, then paste the link of the site that you want the image to link to, into the link box (otherwise it will link to Pinstamatic).
Quozio gives you a choice of 28 different backgrounds to place your quote (or any text) onto. Quozio offers images or solid color backgrounds.
Pinwords allows you to add text onto one of your own photos (multiple style/template choices) or you can choose one of their backgrounds.
Url2pin is a free tool to help you share your websites on Pinterest. With url2pin you can share a screenshot of any website (not just a single image on the site). Just type in any url and you get a snapshot of that web page. You then have a choice of what like to do with it. Some of the choices are: you can “pin it”, “tweet it” or “G+” it.
Share As Image
Share As Image lets you highlight text anywhere on the web and easily convert it into an image. Choose from different background images or colors.

Do you know about any other image tools? Click on the “Leave A Reply” link! I love to learn about other tools!

  1. julina2 says:

    Thanks for the very interesting tips. Another great tool I found is Pixlr. It is a free photo editing tool which allows you to edit your photos (and add words). I’ve found it useful for many types of photo editing, including cropping, enhancing, blurring confidential info in photos, and adding artistic effects.

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