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I work IN your business…
so you have time to work ON your business!

I take over the 80%
so you have time to work on your 20%
to GROW your business!

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Hello, I am Lisa Boerum.
I am an executive assistant at Keller Williams Premier Realty in Stillwater, MN.


I live in White Bear Township, MN. You can also find me on many online platforms.

Read my current real estate job description as an executive assistant at Keller Williams Premier Realty.

I joined Ryan Bretzel in 2013 as his executive assistant. As his only employee, I have learned many aspects of the real estate industry from the ground up. I serve as the right hand for Ryan Bretzel, Inc and my responsibilities encompass the activities of four key roles: administrative manager, listing manager, transaction coordinator, and marketing director. I was drawn to this position because I enjoy all of the aspects of each of these four roles and the diversity the position offers.

This newly-formed position has involved a significant amount of system and process development. Two of my strengths are planning and organizing and I truly enjoy planning, developing, implementing, and organizing new systems and processes and tweaking them until they are as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Prior to joining the world of real estate, I owned and managed several businesses for many years. I was Director and Business Owner at Awesome Beginnings Childcare, in Hugo, MN, during the majority of those years. This satisfied two of my deepest passions: working with children and early childhood education.

More recently, I owned Clean Living Market and Awesome Beginnings 4 Children. I created and managed an ecommerce store and blog,, that offered natural products to expectant and new parents. I also retailed new and used items on eBay, Amazon, and various other selling venues.

For many years, I had the opportunity to wear many hats and, as a result, I have become very resourceful. I have a strong student mentality and have acquired a very diverse set of skills. I excel in planning, goal-setting, and organizational skills. I am very passionate about providing excellent client/customer service which resulted in client retention and a word-of-mouth waiting list for my child care business and 100% positive feedback with over 1700 customer testimonials on one of my selling venues. I take client/customer satisfaction very seriously!

My Core Knowledge and Skills

  • Exemplary Planning and Organizational Skills
  • Very Strong Technology & Internet Skills ~ Including HTML & CSS
  • Office and Small Business Management
  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Outstanding Customer/Client Service
  • Social Media Marketing: Planning & Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing: All Mainstream Platforms
  • YouTube Videos
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Record Keeping; Profit & Loss Statements; Plan, Prepare & Maintain the Budget; Generate Financial Reports
  • Track Costs and ROI; Perform Financial Analysis; Perform Revenue and Cash Flow Projections
  • Manage Bank Accounts and Credit Card Accounts
  • Pay Federal and State Payroll Taxes Online, Prepare for Tax Filings
  • Excellent Writing, Grammar, and Math Skills
  • Internet Research, Keyword Research and Web Analytics
  • Search Engine and Landing Page Optimization
  • Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers, Virtual Tours, Videos
  • Website Creation and Management
  • Content Creation for Social Media, Websites, and Blogging
  • Persuasive and Informative Writing
  • Event Planning and Fundraising
  • Speaking and Presenting to Small Groups (10-50 people)
  • eCommerce, eBay and Amazon
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, OneNote…)
  • Website Design:,, Zen Cart, Microsoft Expression Web, HTML, and CSS


Lisa Boerum's Resume - Executive Administrative Assistant - Real Estate

Lisa Boerum’s Resume
Executive Administrative Assistant
Real Estate – Marketing – Technology
Office & Business Management
Web Design, Development, & Management

Collage of Lisa Boerum's Work Samples

Samples of Lisa Boerum’s Work
Social Media Marketing Plan
Web Design, Development, & Management
Office & Business Management
Marketing – Leadership


I created this WordPress blog in the Spring of 2013. The original purpose of this blog was for ongoing blog assignments for the social media marketing class that I was taking. Our assignments were to create weekly S.M.A.R.T. objectives and then to blog about our experiences.

Thanks for Visiting!


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